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Ascend Humanity

Fletch Fay

Fletched Films now produces small independent films and documentaries and when Fletch is not on the road chasing a project, he is at the...

The Gym at Prospect

The Gym at Prospect is a 5,000 sq/ft fitness facility and personal training gym featuring brand new equipment with Hammer Strength and...

The Muscle PhD

The Muscle PhD is the calling-card website for Dr Jacob Wilson, PhD.

Hire a Sea Captain

Hire a Sea Captain is the calling-card for Randy Emmermann, USCG Licensed Sea Captain with over 35 years of experience for boat tours,...

N1 Education

N1 Education is a movement dedicated to educating coaches & personal trainers, and customizing training & nutrition to the...

New Year Shred

New Year Shred is an intense 12-week training program to jump start your new year's fitness.


The Applied Science & Performance Institute is a 20,000 square-foot state-of-the-art research & training facility located in Tampa,...


Ketogenic.com is the authoratative website for the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle including resources in Science, Nutrition, Therapeutics, and...